There are a number of online casinos in Alaska. These are casinos that have established a firm reputation for providing impeccable service to bettors in the US over the years. The services include a wide variety of games, top-notch technology, quick payouts, dependable customer care, and frequent bonuses. Find out more about these online casinos below.

Best online casinos in Alaska

The following are the leading names in the casino business.

  • DraftKings Casino Alaska – This casino started as a Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) betting site before moving into the online casino betting business. It, therefore, has both AK sports betting and casino games. The sportsbook is one of the sites where you will get a bonus on joining and regular promotions as you continue to bet on the site. Another notable feature is the odds on offer for bettors. DraftKings offers some of the most competitive odds available. These are also regularly subjected to frequent odds boosts, which make them even higher, especially when big games are being played. This is one of the best online casinos for bettors.
  • BetRivers Casino Alaska – BetRivers is known for offering regular promotions. Those who have been betting on this casino will tell you that there is no shortage of offers. Apart from the attractive sign up bonus, you will be sure to get one offer or the other quite regularly on the site. Additionally, the customer service on the site scores quite highly in reviews. It is a site to check out for betting enthusiasts in Alaska.
  • FanDuel Casino Alaska – Just like DraftKings casino, FanDuel also started as a DFS site before venturing into the sports and casino betting business. The casino has attracted a large following due to its many betting types, high odds, and its large selection of games. There are a lot of live betting options on the site as well. Moreover, you don’t need to enter a promo code to benefit from the welcome bonus on the site. When you register with the site, you will automatically qualify for the welcome bonus.
  • PointsBet Casino Alaska – Known for its unique points betting option that offers potentially high payouts, PointsBet is quite popular in the US. Additionally, it also offers numerous casino games and bet types. While offers standard bets like who will win sports, it’s the PointsBetting markets that set it apart from its numerous competitors. Payouts with Points Betting bets increase in proportion to the victory margin. Points betting, often referred to as spread betting, has the extra advantage of keeping the game intriguing from beginning to end. For example, seeing your team pull away with a lead is more enjoyable when you realize your payment grows with every extra point your team gains.

How to start playing at online casinos in Alaska

Whether or not you have registered at an online casino or AK sportsbook before, you will find the process pretty simple in the casinos in Alaska. That’s because the sites are well-thought-out and make it easy to find your way around. You will, therefore, go through the entire process without difficulty. To make it even simpler, just follow the steps below.

  1. Find an online casino in Alaska from our list – Feel free to research all the available sites before choosing one that suits you best. The sites you find here are efficient, reliable, and trustworthy. Once we have picked out the best casinos for you, as listed above, you are left with the easy work of picking out one and beginning the registration process. Still, you should check that the casino you are picking has your preferred payment method and your favorite games. When you get the right one, then you can move to the next step.
  2. Visit the casino’s website – Proceed to visit the website of the online casino you have chosen. The casinos on the list above all have a mobile betting option. So, you can also simply download the app of your preferred casino from the App Store or Google Play Store, depending on your phone’s operating system. Note that the sites support both iOS and Android systems.
  3. Sign up for an account – On the site or AK betting app of your choice, you should proceed to click the registration tab. It saves time by being accurate with the information you enter so that you don’t have to go back to anything. Do remember also to enter a promo code for the site if there is one. This will help you unlock the sign-up bonus that the site offers.
  4. Give yourself a name – You should choose a username that will serve you on the site. Don’t just pick any name that comes to your head, because you will forget it when logging in next time. Choose a username. Make it easy to remember as you will be asked to input it every time you visit the site. That way, you will recall the name easily.
  5. Depending on your needs, you can choose from a variety of payment options – Before choosing an AK online casino, ensure that they have a payment option that suits you. It is important that your payment method allows you to both deposit and withdraw funds
  6. Get started playing casino games – You can begin playing at the casino as soon as you make your first deposit. The site will have information on what constitutes a minimum deposit, so you should be aware of that. Look out for a deposit match bonus once you make your deposit, provided that the site you chose provides it.

Online casinos are not yet legal in Alaska. The state has been slow in allowing online betting in general. There are some tribal casinos, but you can only bet there in person, not online, which is illegal. Hopefully, Alaskan residents will be able to do so online in the near future. However, that depends on how quickly the process of legislation to that effect takes place. For the moment, it is simply a matter of waiting.

However, you can legally play DFS at online casinos in Alaska. The only sites that offer these services currently are DraftKings and FanDuel. That is the only online type of betting you can legally participate in when you are in the Last Frontier. All the same, that is very little consolation when you aim to play some bingo or blackjack online. Maybe the fact that DFS is legal in the state is a sign that more online betting activity will be going on in the future.

Tribal casinos in Alaska

Unlike online casinos, there are some retail casinos in Alaska for in-person betting. These are casinos that exist on tribal lands in the state. and operate on the understanding that they only offer two types of games: pull-tab games and bingo. Other casino games are still a no-go zone even for these casinos. This means that you will be very limited in what you can do, even if you choose to visit them. Below are the most outstanding tribal casinos in Alaska.

  • Eagle River Bingo – Located at 12130 Regency Dr., Eagle River, AK 99577, this is a very active casino. As the name suggests, bingo is the predominant game in the casino. However, you can also watch TV and enjoy drinks in the homely atmosphere of the casino. You will also get a highly hospitable and supportive state to complete your experience. Eagle River Bingo is highly rated in reviews, scoring 4.5 on average. It is a great place to be.
  • Klawock IRA Pull Tabs – The casino is located on Western Avenue, Metlakatla, AK 99926. It is another much-loved casino in the Last Frontier. Klawock has 90 instant bingo machines, most of which have five reels. It also provides a homely atmosphere with friendly and supportive staff.
  • Sun´aq Tribal Bingo – It offers nighttime operations in a smoke-free and alcohol-free atmosphere. Bingo is mainly available from Thursday through the weekend. It is the most conservative of the casinos, with a close adherence to tribal culture. Nevertheless, it offers a homely atmosphere with a staff that is responsive to customer needs. The location of the casino is 312 W Marine Way, Kodiak, AK 99615.

Who can play at online casinos in Alaska?

Playing at online casinos in Alaska is illegal. It does not matter if you are old enough to play in casinos elsewhere. You will also make the mistake of playing in off-shore casinos while in the state because that is also illegal. Consequently, you should make do with the tribal retail casinos if you want to play in the state.

When will Alaska legalize online casinos?

It remains unclear when the state will legalize online casinos. Legislation that will finally let people bet has stopped moving forward.

Interestingly, Alaska is the state that needs online gambling, as opposed to in-person betting, more than any other state. That is because it is the largest state by land area but with a sparse population. This means that many people live far away from the nearest tribal casino. Yet, the state seems to be wary of moving toward this kind of gambling. Alaska is literally the Last Frontier of online gambling in the US.

Timeline of online casino legalization in Alaska

Gambling is governed by a system of stringent rules in the state of Alaska. You won’t find much legal gambling here, with the exception of a few groups that focus on fundraising through gambling. When you take into account the fact that Alaska is ranked 48th in population and that the distances between the population areas are so large, this makes perfect sense. It doesn’t make much sense to travel into town just to buy some lottery tickets, let alone to gamble in a casino.

Below we have detailed the timeline legislation in Alaska

  • 1960: The first laws governing gambling are passed in Alaska. This authorizes the Department of Revenue to oversee gambling regulation in the state.
  • 1984: The Department of Revenue allows pull-tab games in the state.
  • 1990: Alaskans take a vote on the matter of legalizing gambling. The majority of them voted against the motion, and it flopped.
  • 1995: A law allowing gambling on cruise ships off the coast of Alaska is passed. This law expires at the end of the same year and is not renewed.
  • 1996: Three video pull-tab games became legal. They are the Deep Freeze Classic, Sled Dog Race Classic, and Snow Machine Classic.
  • 2003: The state legislature rejects amendment HB240, which is aimed at creating a lottery system. The rejection happens even though the idea of creating a lottery is generally popular with the residents.
  • 2020: The state government asked the legislature to pass a law to establish a state lottery and sports betting. The bill made little progress, not even making it past the committee stage.
  • 2021: Despite this setback, another bill proposing the creation of a state lottery came to the floor of the house. However, legislators did not receive it well, so the sponsor had no option but to withdraw it.

The games below are the most popular online casino games in Alaska.

  • Slots – These are easily the most popular games in any online casino. That explains why there are such a wide variety of slots available. Leading online casinos will offer hundreds of these games. Slots involve turning reels and seeing what prize they bring when they stop in the available slots. There are slots with 3 or 5 wheels. The former is the older version but is still popular.
  • Video poker – This is an online poker game in which you play against people elsewhere. It looks so real, you feel as if you are sitting around a real table when playing this game. Poker is one of the oldest card games and is just as interesting online as it is when you play live.
  • Blackjack – Blackjack is another card game that is as interesting to play online as it is played on an actual table. In this card game, all the players try to outwit the banker. It all depends on the total value of the cards you have. If the combined value totals 21, you win. The idea is not to exceed this value, but still, be closer to it than the banker.
  • Roulette – This is a wheel divided into numbered sections with a ball on it. Players predict the section on which they believe the ball will land after they spin the wheel. They then proceed to spin the wheel, and it turns until it stops and the ball settles. A correct prediction results in a win. The sections have different colors, red and black. A player can also predict if the ball will land on a red or black section, which is an even money bet, and a variety of higher-odds bets. Betting on one number coming up pays out 35 to 1, for example.
  • Bingo – The objective of the bingo game is to cover a number pattern before anyone else. In the game, numbers appear randomly from number generators, which can be mechanical or electronic. The numbers can also be called out by a banker. Each player has a card with a number grid on it. Some numbers are missing from the card. The player tries to complete the grid using the numbers called out. The first player to do so shouts “Bingo!” and wins.


Does Alaska have any land-based casinos?

Yes, Alaska has some land-based casinos. These casinos exist on tribal lands in the state. The casinos offer only a few games compared to online casinos, which offer a wide selection of options. They are the only available option for lovers of casino games. The downside is that they are quite far apart, so it takes some traveling to get to them for most people.

How old do you need to be to gamble at an online casino in Alaska?

There is no legal age for gambling at an online casino as it is illegal. However, if it does become legal a bettor will probably need to be 21 years old, in line with the rest of the United States.

Is it safe to play at offshore casinos in Alaska?

Not really. Remember that it is illegal to participate in offshore casinos in Alaska. You can get fined by the state authorities if you are caught violating the law. Even if you don't get caught, it's not a good idea to do something that is against the law. So, if you are in the Last Frontier, you can't gamble online.

What will happen if I gamble online as an Alaskan resident?

You can be fined if you are caught. Enforcement of this law is pretty uncommon, so you will probably get away with it. Still, you will be liable for a fine if you are caught gambling online in the state. The best option is to avoid this kind of gambling altogether.