With moneylines, bet spreads, props, teasers, parlays, and more, FanDuel is one of the top sportsbooks in the US. It’s also one of the sportsbooks on which you can bet without breaking the law in Alaska, provided that you limit yourself to Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) betting.

That does not mean that DFS betting is legal in the state, it means it is not illegal. FanDuel does not have a retail sportsbook location in the state, but regardless, FanDuel Sportsbook Alaska is one of the best sportsbooks available anywhere. Read on below to find out more about this interesting relationship between FanDuel and the Last Frontier.

FanDuel’s online sportsbook is currently not legal in Alaska. However, you can use the website to bet on Daily Fantasy Sports, as it is not prohibited by state law.

How to sign up for an account at FanDuel sportsbook in Alaska

Registering for an account on FanDuel Sportsbook Alaska is a piece of cake. You only have to go through the following processes, and you are done.

  1. Visit the FanDuel website or download the AK FanDuel app. You will easily get the FanDuel website by searching on the internet. Alternatively, you can also find the app on App Store or Google Play Store. You can then proceed to download the app to your phone. For the Android version on the Play Store, you will download the APK to your phone for installation. Remember to allow the installation of the APK to your phone to facilitate the process. When the download is complete, you will be ready to proceed.
  2. Enter your personal information on the sign-up form. When you click on the “Join Now” tab, you will find the form on which to enter your information. You should be accurate when entering the information to ensure you do it once only.
  3. Depending on your needs, you can choose from several payment methods. The currently existing deposit methods on FanDuel are PayPal, ACH, Visa, and Mastercard. You can link the one you pick to your FanDuel account and deposit without breaking a sweat. Remember that when you need to make withdrawals, you can use PayPal, ACH, or a prepaid FanDuel card. These deposit and withdrawal methods are, however, subject to reviews,and they can increase with time. Once you choose your deposit method, you are free to put in your first cash amount.
  4. Ensure that the deposit is confirmed. You will easily know that your cash deposit has been confirmed. This will happen because you will see the amount reflected in your FanDuel account. This is the amount that you will use to play.
  5. You can place your bets now. Once the amount you deposited is reflected in your account, you are ready to play. Make your first bet and see how it works out. You can then continue betting after that.

FanDuel sportsbook is not legal in Alaska currently. In fact, no online sportsbook is currently legal in Alaska. The process of legalization of sports betting sites in Alaska has been slow. The Last Frontier does not even have a state lottery despite the national process of legalizing betting that is going on all around it. Being the largest state in the country, with a sparse population, one would think that Alaska would be the best place to adopt online betting. This would allow the population who lives in scattered settlements far from one another to bet without having to physically travel to distant retail sportsbooks.

Yet, it is only tribal casinos that exist in the state, each operating retail betting locations. Despite this paradox, online betting is the least popular consideration for the state authorities in Alaska. There have been legislative attempts to change this situation, but none have succeeded so far. It is only time that will tell whether online gambling sites in AK will become legal.

FanDuel is currently legal in 16 states in the US. The states are Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, and Wyoming. You can also legally play DFS on FanDuel in 44 states. As the legalization of sports betting continues in more states, the sportsbook is increasingly expanding to new frontiers.

Upcoming FanDuel state launches

FanDuel is expected to launch soon in the following states. This follows the successful passage of legislation allowing sports betting in the states. Once the sportsbook launches, residents of these states will enjoy the high quality and reliable betting services offered by the sportsbook that has made it popular in the states in which it is currently operating. Here is how the launching exercises are scheduled to go down.

  • Ohio: Sports betting in the Last Frontier will go live on the 1st of January 2023. FanDuel Sportsbook will be launching its operations in the state on that very day. There is already a lot of activity towards this end. The activity includes the advertising of sumptuous bonuses for new members who will be joining the sportsbook in the state. It will be a very interesting time for the residents who have waited with anticipation for the launch to take place.
  • sometime in November 2022. There are already sign-up bonuses on offer for those who continue to register before betting goes live in Maryland at the beginning of the same month. It is clearly all systems go for the launch of sportsbooks in the Free State.
  • Massachusetts: The Massachusetts Gaming Commission announced that sports betting will go live in retail sportsbooks in January 2023. Subsequently, online sportsbooks will follow suit in March. FanDuel Sportsbook has gone full-throttle into preparations for its impending launch in the state. It is already attracting residents with its welcome offers when they register on the sportsbook. Consequently, it is now only a matter of days before the residents of the Bay State begin enjoying the services of FanDuel.
  • California: Being the most populous and richest state in the US, and having the best sports teams in most disciplines, California has been amazingly late in legalizing sports betting. The huge potential for revenue that the Golden State will generate from sports betting is still only a matter of the imagination. However, there is now a movement toward legalizing sports betting both online and in-person. This is good news for sports fanatics in the state that has big names such as the Golden State Warriors, LA Lakers, and LA Galaxy in its rich repertoire of sports teams.

Customer service at FanDuel Alaska

FanDuel has earned a great reputation for its customer service. The sportsbook has a very elaborate FAQ section that will provide answers for basic issues. If you don’t find what you want among the FAQs, the sportsbook offers a 24/7 chat service on its site. This is best suited for short questions that can be answered quickly. If you have more complex matters, you can channel your inquiries via the active email service that offers relatively quick responses to inquiries. Moreover, you can also make a phone call if you want. The line is manned most of the time, so you will not be on hold for too long. Overall, FanDuel has excellent customer care service.

FanDuel TV in Alaska

One of the best sports channels available is FanDuel TV. You can watch it on your devices including your phone, TV, and PC. The TV service is available in Alaska, though not for betting services. In other jurisdictions, you can participate in live sports betting by following developments in ongoing games. It is also a good platform for DFS.

FanDuel offers a huge sports market. It has sports from within and beyond the United States. These include sports that have a large following in the county and those which are loved immensely elsewhere. Consequently, you are not likely to miss the game you want to bet on, even if it does not have much support within the country. You will find most of the sports for betting purposes on the site. here are the leading sports on offer.

  • Hockey: You will find games from the NHL and other competitions like the USHL and NAHL on FanDuel. There are hockey competitions from other parts of the world. You can watch these games via FanDuel TV and bet on them in the sportsbook.
  • Basketball: There are also numerous basketball competitions for betting on FanDuel. They include the NBA, NWBA, and international tournaments. There are many bet types that apply to the game of Basketball in the sportsbook. You can pick the one that suits you best.
  • Baseball: The MLB, World Series, and minor baseball leagues are all available for betting on FanDuel. You will be spoilt for choice on which game to place your wager on and which bet type you want.
  • Rugby: Local and international rugby competitions all form part of the rich repertoire of sports on the FanDuel platform. You will always get a game to place a wager on most of the year.
  • Golf: Golf competitions on the sportsbook range from small local tournaments to the Masters. You will get many of the important competitions in the golf calendar on FanDuel. Look out for the odds boosts when the really big tourneys are held.


Is FanDuel a legit sportsbook in Alaska?

No, the sportsbook has not been legalized to operate in Alaska. Even though it is a reputable sportsbook that offers high-quality services to bettors in other states, the sportsbook is yet to get the nod to operate legally in the state. Consequently, you should not bet on it when in Alaska until the state will officially accepts online betting.

How old do I need to be to place a bet at FanDuel Alaska?

You cannot place a bet on FanDuel sportsbook Alaska regardless of how old you are. No sportsbook is allowed legally to operate in the state. FanDuel is not an exception. The issue of age will only apply once sportsbooks begin to legally offer services in the state. For the moment, you cannot bet on FanDuel Alaska.

Where can I find the FanDuel betting app for AK?

You cannot find the FanDuel betting app for AK. However, you will readily find the sportsbook's betting app on either the App Store or Google Play. You can download it from there, but if you are in Alaska, you cannot bet on the app. You can feel free to use it if you are in another state which legalizes betting, so long as you have registered when in that state.

How long does it take to get a withdrawal from FanDuel Alaska?

Withdrawals are not applicable to the FanDuel sportsbook in Alaska since no sports or casino betting is allowed in the state. However, FanDuel generally provides quick withdrawal services that may take a few days at most. This depends on the payment method you are using. The same standards shall apply in Alaska when betting becomes legal in the state, though it is not clear when that will be.